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Grape harvesting solutions for Marlborough vineyards

Rose Ag operate a combination of two Pellenc Optimum 750 twin bin grape harvesters & two Pellenc Optimum 890 grape side discharge grape harvesters.

All four harvesters have Selectiv Process sorting systems (destemmers) to provide quality fruit to the winery. We have a range of gondolas from 4Tn right through to 10Tn depending on vineyard requirements.We use Tracmap GPS tracking systems to ensure that we have live information on the location & performance of the machinery. This system also ensures we have accurate completed job data.

Rose Ag have an experienced support crew providing 24/7 coverage to manage bookings and the coordination between the grower, wineries and our harvesting crew. We also support our harvesting services with a cartage option to seamlessly get your fruit to the winery.

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