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Rose Ag is a family owned and operated business. Agriculture and vineyard work is in our blood and we have been doing it for a long time successfully.

Rose Ag is currently run by Tim, Tracy & Vaughan Rose, who are 5th generation Roses on the farm, with the 6th generation waiting in the wings to be old enough to be involved too.

Our story starts in 1858

John Rose landed in NZ in 1858 and was one of the first settlers in Marlborough. He purchased his farm Kegworth in 1870 & the piece of land Rose Ag is now situated on in 1903. Contracting was always a big part of the Rose’s farming life firstly with horses and then mechanised.

NES Rose Contracting operated in the 1930’s doing grain harvesting, conventional hay baling and ground work such as ploughing.

David Rose took over the business in 1968 and became Rose Agricultural Ltd. He had one of the first medium square baling machines locally & operated silage equipment. The company got into tractor work including drilling, broadacre spraying, and then into lime and fertiliser spreading, grape harvesting & cartage. David was one of the first contractors to operate a grape harvester in Marlborough – importing a Chisholm Ryder from America after looking at Polaroids of a few available in 1981.

The contracting business – now Rose Ag Ltd, is celebrating 50 years of being incorporated and is currently specialising on grape harvesting, lime and fertilizer spreading along with vineyard services, having been mastered from its own vineyard portfolio.

Rose Ag History

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