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We are not your usual contractor

Specialising in all aspects of agriculture and vineyard contracting, we have a proven track record of success in the area.

Rose Ag was originally established in 1968, but has evolved with Marlborough to provide a wide variety of agriculture and vineyard contracting services. We enjoy our long term relationships with our clients, as we get to know their properties and the people involved with it. No matter the scale of your project, we have the experience and equipment to get it done right.

You can call us for any of the services below:

  • Fertiliser and lime spreading
  • Vineyard redevelopment
  • Grape Harvesting
  • And much more

Latest Developments

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Why Choose Us?

With our professional team we can handle even the most difficult and time consuming jobs with precision and ease.

We have history

Agriculture and vineyard work is in our Marlborough blood and we have been doing it for a long time successfully.

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We are experts

Each member of our team has extensive expertise in the areas of agriculture and vineyard maintenance.

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We can do the work

We have the right equipment for the job and we do the job with the same care as we do on our own properties. That is why our clients keep coming back.

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We welcome hearing from you to discuss the work required on your property. Our team can discuss the specifics with you, as we recognise each job needs to be customised to our client’s needs. Let us create a solution for you.

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