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Seed Drilling

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Seed drilling services for the best possible results in your pasture and vineyard cover crops.

Seed drilling for vineyards & orchards

We operate a Duncan Ag seed drill as it is very versatile and ideally suited for use in vineyards & orchards. Its simple calibration system allows for an accurate setting of seeding rates and the sowing depth is controlled with press wheels and adjustments via a single “top link”.

The key drill dimensions are: 
Overall width 1,835 mm, sowing width 1,800 mm, box capacity 209 litres.

We can also prepare the soil for you using our cultivator and roller to ensure the area is suitably ready. Customers are increasingly using this drilling service as more vineyards look to use inter-row planting to increase organic matter to the soil and to bring diversity back into vineyards.

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